Saturday 30 January 2016

7TV2 "Darkness abound" AAR

9.00pm colour series
The Vindicators
(Weekly action series consisting of
stories involving Aliens, monsters,
witchcraft, unexplained and other
terrifying  wonders.)
Staring  Oliver Talbot
Darkness abound
By Michael  Moorhound

An ancient evil envelops the city, the team lay out a trap to ensnare the  darkness before it reigns supreme.
                                But all is never what it seems??
                                John Sparta………..  Oliver Talbot
                                Unity…………   Stephanie Colgate
                                Norm…………………..Jack Watkins
                                Akion…………………..  Rodger Dell
                                Dr Hock……………… Billy Barnum
                                                 Producer  Ken  Catfish
                                                 Director Stan King

 Today was the  first game of the 7TV2 using 2 x 40 point casts and all the contents and rules in the box, (we believe we played it 98% right), Above are the vindicators my cast based on my long time characters and  art. I found having a base idea  made the construction of the cast more easy and ended with what i thought a good rep of my ideas
 Alec brought his IHMN miniatures and  i th helped him pick his cast for the said models this proved so easy  using the cards , he had never played 7TV before but wanted to give it a go.
 The scenario or episode was the Battle I laid out my grave yard terrain as the plot in my head involved the vindicators final confrontation with the Ancient Evil  priest Akion and his cultists
 Akion has been  lead and goaded into the Harringgate grave yard hoping to eliminate the vindicators  once and for all and set his plans free for domination and terror, but as always nothing is ever what is seems??

 We closely read the set up with gadget cards and  devices of plot points and  deployed  Alec was the Attacker,
 Akions cast enters the graveyard intent on over  running and destroying the  team
 Sparta sets and waits weapon ready
 the mighty Tak seeks prey (Marauding monster)
 pistols ready they cultist are superior alongside there master
 Akion spots a hidden  body guard and dispatches him with a single shot
 even  in cover you can fail badly
 the creation that is the un-dead Zorn shambles  in the graveyard  
 Sin the assassin  sneaks  in the stones and pillars to kill the  enemy
 Ron using a jet pack engages the monster head on, Fists pound and  the giants clash
 The  hunting rifle of Mayday tries to find the un-dead in the graves
 with a surge the  monster  crushes ron by the windpipe and he falls dead and cold on the  road
 gun fire rings out as the cultist open fire on the bodyguards hidden in the  head stones
 the  cultist volley again 
 the leader shouts for them to take there time
 return fire send a cultist  down
 Mayday  takes careful aim and  fires
 the un-dead is  dropped like a tree
 Unity sees sin suddenly appear in the road and fires (a countdown card enabled me to swap 2 miniatures position)
 Sin is hit  
 the monster charges and  rips into Sparta's dog who is slain outright!
 cultist charge into the defenders area
 Sparta is hit by there gunfire and Akions  powers of evil
 around Sparta his companions fall the girls look around and  fade into the darkness leaving him alone? (Failed cast is axed roll 3 members of the cast are removed ) 
 Akion uses his powers again and swaps places with Sparta  he finds himself surrounded by the cultists who strike and  tear at him
 he is wounded then recovers 
 the Dr is felled by a blow
 then a cultist meets the same fate's others  run to finish of the hero
 he turns and with a chop take out the cultist leader as Akion appears levelling his pistol
 Sparta fires but misses as the  remaining  cultist blast him in the back as akions bullets rip inot his chest

 he is  dropped to the ground by successive fire
Gloating Akion stands  above the fallen man, Sparta uttering softly  to the evil being " you should never   drop  good blood on the floor of the dead here it will wake the souls of the dammed!" then Akion looks around and  Screams!
"All is never what is seems"

Great game and fun loads of twists and the cards make it so easy Alec  read each card as he played or was engaged in the end he knew after a few turns what did what, i was amazed how easy he picked it all up having never played a game before?, the countdown cards for me make the game  easy to use and  ensure no game will ever be the same. Akions cast won by plot points easy and  kills he made, but as we discussed after nothing is too strong to weak a game or  over power it.
Enjoyable entertainment I would recommend  anyone to give it a go adaptable to most miniature collections. 10/10