Friday 29 January 2016

7TV2 play test game and review

"The Vindicators " pilot episode
Play tested the new 7TV2 and 25 points per side my new cast the Vindicators Vs the Magus and his alien crew, no plot points but almost everything else.
Easy to construct a cast and makes sense of any cast once you think about what you want in it?. A few models true but wanted to see the new rules in action of a game terms. I found it make the game more structured and easy, the cards make fast visual and runs play more. Lots of calculation true but the flow for me works. the Vindicators won the Aliens suffered from the ninja and angel. there weaponry was very good and the plus makes them hard.
The countdown deck is the best new thing! its make the game"fun" and alters so much the turn.
Will give a hard test tomorrow and look forward to seeing what happens in a more contested action.
10/10 so far.
(What I would like next is more cards on thugs with smgs, animals and the talos robots please)

The Magus cast, The Magus, Natasha the bad, and 4 Alien bad  girl space Amazons
The Vindicators John Sparta, Unity, Doc Porkins, Ninja Girl, 2 bodyguards
 simple terrain  and set up the spy trait works wonderful

 Alien  team
 Natasha in cover cannot be targeted
 the ninja girl make short work in hand to hand
 Unity joins in the  fisicuffs
 the Magus tries to play his hand close
 the Doc is  blasted to  oblivion
 the  Action agent Sparta ignites his lighter  setting the  characters on fire (gadget card)
 Cover is everything
 End sceane the Magus  falls under a hail of bullets 

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  1. It's getting harder and harder to resist this...thing is I love 7th Voyage as it is already so don't really feel the need but I'm getting more and more tempted.