Sunday 24 January 2016

Infinity babes TAGs , Frostgrave Rangifers and 7TV

 Finished off my Frostgrave Rangifers there  great looking beasts and will fit in nice to Frostgrave or any of my games 

 Anaconda mercenary TAG for Infinity another must have to my collection solid good piece and delightful babe inc

 Scarface and Cordilia  mercenary Tag yes another must  I had to get !

 Avicenna mercenary doctor well yes  a must to my collection and a Haqqislam Hunzakuts scout I painted up as a Adrina scout because i love the miniature 

A re-work for my 7TV new paint job and  conversion looks the part i think?


  1. They all look great dude. Really like the Rangifers and the infinity characters are they meant to represent the crew person inside?

    Nice conversion fits really well much better than the smg it sports normally.

  2. You have been busy!! More awesome from the Shadowking! Great stuff!

  3. the anaconda lady is the pilot when she ejects, Cordilila is the mechanic for the Tag, thank you always for the comments buddy