Saturday 23 January 2016

7TV2, Malifaux, Infinity terrain and a Bolt action game

 I as many know played  for a long time 7TV and was happy with the results, 7th voyage and Other world skirmish I like a lot, when CD showed the new 7TV2 I took a slight interest, after its release and comments I took a deeper look and  questioned my friends, after thought I sent for the new box set .
I have to say its impressive and looks a lot faster and more ease of building the companies, as there card based and to me will make life so much easier, we plan to give  it a go soon.
 Another game  this year we plan is Malifaux table top game, I have had many miniatures and  painted them up in the past, we once some years ago  saw a game day  and was amazed at the play and  units on display people used, again some thing we will try this year
 here is some  pictures of my new Infinity layout we played  last week the game is so fast and furious we did not take any in game shots but Iam so happy with my table now, perhaps time we take some game shots next?

 here is my desert table with my new building we played a bolt action British vs Italians and  really enjoyed the game, nice easy rules and lots of fun, the Italians lost to the British doggedness and no pre artillery bombardment, (Don't roll a 1 says it all)


  1. Sounds like you have some cool plans. Look forward to seeing some AAR's

  2. All looking fantastic...the infinity table especially just looks brilliant!