Sunday, 21 August 2016

CONGO DEMO game at Partizan

 We were asked to  do a demo game of CONGO by Wargames foundry and  Me Alec and Darren found our selfs in the hall, Darren had painted up superbly one of the new foundry Explorers box set and We layed out the first scenario and attack on the camp. My terrain and the other miniatures sorted out  we  began the game.
 Over the day we played the first and second scenario Darren vs Alec then me vs Alec on the gorilla  ground one. We had  much interest and discussion of the rules and   enjoyed the company of many. One pair we  let join it to see the game play and they  were  very pleased  asking what to buy to which we  gave our views. i think many were inspired and  glady got  miniatures to play.
 The camp scenario

 The hall was quite busy and very hot over the day many people looked happy as they wandered around. I meet very old good friends and new ones in the hall  many who came to say hello Ray, Matt to name a few, I also had to visit some  good friends Ian from Fenris always a pleasure to talk to to and I promised to make him some Darkest African  idols and bits to cast. the master Gentleman  Craig also had to be intercepted,

 Darren did have  some dire dice rolls on shooting and combat.

 3 of his wonderfuly painted miniatures

 The second game we used one of my collection of Apes many asked who made it and to be honest i forgot ?
the table laid out
 IWe carried on playing till time was up very enjoyable time.
 I had little time to take pictures but had to take some of this superb display of forge world ministure. amazing work and standard a joy to look at

 This WW" desert game looked amazing also  stunning miniatures. I was not blessed being able to view many games on the day.


  1. WOW, look at all the details... awesome displays :)

  2. Looks like brilliant fun, Tony! Glad it went so well!