Saturday, 13 August 2016

CONGO the last Queen, Battle report

Played the first scenario from the rules  pages today "The last Queen of Aksoum. we decided to  play on a 6x4 table and follow again the rules as best we could,. using my figure collection we assembled the  company's to about 100 points per side, the  Raiders/ Expedition were the camp occupants and the Pillagers the Zanabarians., alec took the raider and we set about the  game he had to try to escape with an idol/mask off the table  while under attack by the  Pillagers who had  sneaked up in the dead of night
 The Greedy Piliagers
 Raider of the lost mask
 My game table set up 
 The camp 
 We used the cooking pot as the centre
 The Emirs elite  set the ambush
 his Brute and Ruga- Ruga sneak forward
 Ready they wait for the signal to attack
 Young warriors make into places to  stop any runaways
The order to fire is given and all hell breaks loose
 the camp comes under musket and rifle fire  its occupants dropping all around

 Muskets fire into the camp

 the Explorers Ruga -Ruga are cut down under fire
 the standard bearer and his  Soldiers make a break for the escape under heavy fire
 the Explorers Askaris are shot up  and yes a roll of 1 is not good

The Raiders try to break out of the  ring of  armed  Plunderers

 The  Raiders leader makes for cover and escape firing as he moves away abandoning his camp
 The standard bearer makes  a  stress roll and comes up with beasts as he  is shot at by  2 groups
 As the Raiders casualty's mount (Second turn i believe)
 The beast  appears and charges at the  emirs group who  with  courage slay the mighty beast

 The Standard bearer gets lost entering   dangerous  ground and appears facing the now startled Emirs men who promptly shoot him dead (should not get lost) he drops the Idol/mask he was carrying
 The plunderers enter the camp and ransack the tents
 The Askaris try to fend off the now advancing  attackers
 The Brute urging his men on to slaughter the ones left
 The Emirs Ruga - Ruga  loot the tents
Now greatly outnumbered Explorers try to give covering fire with there rifles, but to no avail as the Plundering continues and  the reaming  raiders are cut down with  blade and gunfire.
 The Emirs men finish off the last of the  raiders and he orders the Idol/Mask to be recovered his victory complete
 The camp is completely looted
and the mask is now his  for the loss of 5 men. the raiders were down to 7 I believe

We  enjoyed the game learned much more and found again it is great fun,  no problem with the rules, those dice rolls and stress counters make a compelling game.