Friday 5 August 2016

Oldhammer BOYL 2016 Day 1

 Day 1 of the BOYL Oldhammer meet at Wargames Foundry, I decided I wanted to go and help today, with setting up and experience the whole event. After moving bits about and preparation some of the  Oldhammers arrived and  the  buzz began, Atmosphere already of friendly gamers and  very fine company. Paul's game got off to a first start, with others  opening many boxes of delights. some old good friends arrived and  the BOYL was off!
 Bryan and Tony  lay out some stunning finds of art work for the  event
 Ramshakle games owner  placed his fantastic   game table out, some brilliant set pieces and  workmanship
 that is a land train
 He showed me a fantastic opmthecopter, just amazing

 Pauls game underway lovely miniatures as all are at BOYL

 Steve's Titans game  brings back old memories nd how small those titans actually were?
 One of the games in the tent. beautifully painted miniatures and terrain
 Harry and others were laying out one of the massive battle scenes, Huge!

 fantastic  terrain

 Laying out more armys, BOYL has some fo the most superbly painted miniatures i see and just get better every Year

 Geoff laid out his huge Fimir army  a joy to view

 This year I promised to take pictures of what you would like me to Draw and here is the work for today one for Lucy the other Darren, requests already for tomorrow
Looking forward to Saturday when the whole thing erupts in wargame heaven.


  1. fantastic! It looks like things ar4e off to a stunning start. Have a great time and thanks for the photos!!!

  2. Brilliant, the ache of not being able to be with you guys is soothed by those wonderful pics, thanks !

  3. Just wow! One time it will be at the right weekend for me to come!

  4. Tks to share those pictures ��

  5. Fabulous pics dude enjoy yourselves!

  6. Huge thank you to Tony for making me and my mate feel so welcome and showing us around (and sharing a lot of history) at our first BOYL! I'm loving the pictures!

  7. Great pics Tony - good to see what everyone else got up to!

  8. Great pics Tony - good to see what everyone else got up to!