Tuesday, 9 August 2016

CONGO first test game

 First game of CONGO by studio tomahawk, at the weekend me and Alec both received a copy of the game  from Wargames Foundry, I had a quick read and Darren ran a demo at the BOYL using my collection. today we gave a game test. slowly running through the sequence and lay out we played the second sceanro King of the jungle. Using the expedition  list and Forest tribes we set about the game.
 Terrain plays a huge part of the game and we followed the  plan on the sheet regarding the scenario a huge Gorilla  is centred on the table in his lair he will attack  under the control of the tribesmen within his territory.  we  delt the cards and  set up the  stress bag with counters and dice required.
 The  explorers  got the first action card and moved onto the table, followed by the tribes men, 

 the game counters had rules provided and these are  percfect and make moving easy in the game, my tribes men charged inot combat . the Game play is fast and easy to understand  with numbers   for hits all the same it makes it fast, my tribes men  won and  defeated the poor Askaris how fell back.
 Tribal archers finishing them off in the next action sequence
 The expedition struggled in the terrain

 the tribal chieftain charged into the  remaing  Askari 
 the Gorilla  looked on  guarding his territory
 the Soilder and  reporter made no head way trying to fend off the  Tribes men

 Foolish Askaris entered the Gorillas territory and were ripped apart by the might  beast in a single combat
 Tribal muskets  arrived to fire on the  invaders
In the end the tribes men won on victory points, regardless we  were only play testing and working out the rules, I would say we got it 95% right?. the game is fast and  the skill is in selecting your action cards and what sequence the  Totem cards are very important to game play and careful use of them can make a action very decisive.

CONGO is a fun fast and enjoyable game on our view and we plan many more. If you have a collection of darkest African miniatures or  anything I would say  you could play the game  using the profiles on the company's in the book. We have been asked  by Wargames Foundry to  help with a Demo game at the Partizan convention on the  21st August. So if you attend please come and  say hello.


  1. Great to read an actual battle report. Looks like a lot of fun...really not helping my resolution 'to not spend any more money on games for a while'.

    1. Go on Gord, you know you want to! Got my copy this week. Looks very good.

  2. Having read the game report I am interested in the game and can see it being purchased in the near future.

  3. I saw this was coming out and it does look interesting. Thanks for sharing the play test report.

  4. Thanks for the review. Im really itching to try Congo myself. Do you think, it would work with 15mm Miniatures, too?

  5. Any scale i would say and if you took time any period or time might need a bit of work but the game is solid in its play