Friday 19 August 2016

CONGO "Father Marcelin" Battle report

 Today we again  played CONGO, scenario 3 "A survivors account", Father Marcelin is in a village attacked b a tribe his people try to make for an escape from those who wish to capture him.
 The layout set up Father Marcelin is hidden in one of the huts most of the tribe off hunting as the Akebons attack
 Our forces the brave defenders from the forest tribes and the Angry Akebons from the African Kingdom lists we picked around 70 per side
  2 units were in the village at the time fo the attack the others must come on per action phase, the attackers from the  short edges

 The Attackers scouts move on to the table
 more warriors following 
 the chief and his body guard of young warriors and some Ruga Ruga enter to cut off any escape
 Deciding to make a run for it Father Marcelins people  grab him and make for an escape
 moving quickly they seek a flank route
 only to be cut off by the chief and his  body guard
 the defenders witch doctor arrives back from hunting and seeks to  cast her  magic
 the Fathers group is  hit hard and his  people are killed as they try to make off the  land
 the defenders chief makes to engage the attackers

 the chiefs  group again attacks the  Fathers  group 
 he is captured by the attackers held tight they seek to spirit him away
 the defenders  Cannibal  group and  spirit  warrior charge the Ruga Ruga

 The attackers loot the village burning 2 huts down taking the spoils

 They chase them off
 The attackers fanatics and  the Prince seek to plunder the village

 The chief  along with Father Marcelin  escape  with his new captive
 A lion appears   woken by the  commotion
 The defenders chief engages the Prince in combat
 He and his men are forced back form the melee
 The witch doctors group  shoots at the attacking scouts
 the Defending chief is caught alone by the Ruga Ruga and Slain
 The cannibals seeking some revenge charge into the  Stressed Ruga Ruga
 the  men fall back again only to face another charge
they are killed ending the game, the attacker won easy with the  taking of the Father, we both  realy enjoyed the game different  to the last 2 and has some great  ideas and  in game story telling. 

I am running Demo games of CONGO at Partizan wargames show on the 21st August on the Wargames Foundry stand please come and say hello  if your going.

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